Scrolling aimlessly through facebook when I wake up seeing nothing of interest until I come to a post my (even though I am not happy to admit it) cousin has liked .. ‘Ban Burka’s in the UK, BNP’s biggest issue’… This completely stopped me in my tracks, I am a Muslim, I reverted a year ago and no I do not wear a hijab or abya or a burka so this doesn’t personally affect my clothing but it still has a HUGE affect on me. How dare closed minded people say just because they don’t like or understand a religion (due to listening to the media I believe is one of the biggest issues) say they want religious clothing banned, they have no idea what it stands for but just because it is different to them they don’t agree, they fear of because they don’t know it they are fearing the unknown so how about they LEARN about it! It really boils me to know because people don’t like a religion they think it is right to boycott and be offensive towards that religion. Look at the muslimah who was stabbed in a uni in London for what she wears.. Did that make the news and front page? No. Was there massive outrage over it as a hate crime and terrorist attack? No. And that is what it was terrorism. But because it was happening to a musilm it is not classed as that. The world has shown that for a lot of people in it a Muslim life is not worth the hassle and outrage. I do find it interesting that people are so closed minded to learn that when they do these hate crimes they’ll attack people in religious clothing like a burka or hijab for example. But what about muslims like me that don’t wear religious clothing, they sit with us, eat with us, talk to us yet they don’t suspect or fear us but our brothers and sisters they do. It just makes their ignorance more and more obvious, they follow the news and are brainwashed by the media so much they fear people in the religious clothing. 

Islam is a religion of peace, those extremists you see on the news doing horrible unspeakable things is not Islam, they are not Muslims, they do not follow our religion, when will the world understand this?


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